- Slick
- Mobile ready
- Simplicity
Ensure your users have the best experience when visting your website. Use any Themeforest theme you wish.

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Database Driven

Are you looking to truly engage your users? A tried and test custom made Content Management System is the perfect way to effectively communicate with your users

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HTML Websites

Looking for something simpler? Build a static website to give you or your business a no frills web presence. Perfect for those who don't need an expansive system and simply want to showcase themselves to the world

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Welcome to DTH Design - The home of freelance web developer Dave Hourn. I am an early 30's web developer who started web design as a teenager in the early 2000's and have been honing my skills since.

I can cater to a range of businesses, individuals and organisations who are looking to develop their first web presence, or enhance their existing web presence. Ranging from basic static web sites, to database driven websites which engage regularly with their user base and to full blown web applications I can provide a solution for all.

If you're another freelance developer or agency looking to team up on a project feel free to contact me and we can see where we can take things.

What you'll get from me is a passionate web developer who loves getting his teeth into new and interesting projects as well as keeping up with the latest technologies and trends driving the web.

Responsive Design

Give your users the best on experience on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop

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DTH Design
P: 0416 342 223
ABN: 66 531 740 681
ACN: 100 058 017