DTH Design is the freelance business for London based web developer David Hourn. I wrote my first website when i was sixteen years of age using nothing more than notepad and plain HTML and have been hooked since.

After a youth spent experimenting with various technologies, it was in 2009 I started a dual diploma at Swinburne Technology (TAFE) in Website Development and Software Development. Since graduating in 2011, I have continued to hone my skills by building and maintaining database driven websites of various sizes across a number of organisations, in addition to a handful of my own websites.

My aim is simple: build quality, affordable, vibrant and easy-to-use websites. Web users are full of different needs; some need a simple five page web site to give their small business its first web presence, whilst others need a multi faceted dynamic content management system and others a full featured web application.

But the web isn't purely about web sites. I can also help you with your e-mail and social media marketing. Whatever you're looking for, chances are I can help you fill your needs.

For those who want do delve a little deeper please check out some of the technical details of what I do, and feel free to ask for a quote at any time. It might also interest you to check out the various technologies that I use in the process of creating a web solution.

Because I’m passionate about technology and even more so about Web Development. I work with the latest technologies which means your customers will be able to interact with the latest and greatest trends on the web. This also means you can be confident your website will be reliable, fast and secure.

On a personal level I’m reliable and will leave no stone unturned to make sure you get the result you are looking for. I think of my clients as part of my team and I found there is nothing more satisfying then seeing the finished product created as part of a team.