Web Applications

Database Driven

Completely customised web application which is uniquely designed from the ground up. Ensure your business requirements are met and your users needs are taken into account.


Use a Content Management System such as WordPress to develop your website and allow a user to easily update content. Can be managed by myself or self-managed once set up is complete.

Web Design

Use a pre-designed layout and theme from a website such as ThemeForest or I can build a completely unique user interface. All designs will use the latest technology and standards to keep your website modern.

Static website

Build a simple HTML-only website which can be deployed quickly and easily provided you have the content ready to go. This is ideal for a website which does not require regular updates.


Amazon Web Services

AWS is a cloud computing services which offers dozens of services. The most used service in web development allows a user to have a Virtual Private Cloud containing all required server software (EC2), document storage (S3) and databases (RDS). This is my recommended setup for any significant web development undertaking.

Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a small server on a larger machine which effectively runs as its own machine, allowing a user to have far more customisation and flexibility in their server setup. Although I recommend using AWS (which has a VPS service as part of a wider platform), I can manage a VPS with another provider if this has already been setup. In the past I have experience with Australian web hosts ServerMule, Crucial and Webcity.

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